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For I Am Global Ministries' goal, is to advance the cause of the Kingdom of Christ. While we function with success at the local level, our reach is not as extensive as our love for the Lord and our hopes for the expansion of His ministry. While we look forward to our future growth, we have found and support larger organizations that operate on the larger international Christian stage. A part of FIAgm's operating budget therefore supports these larger ministries that operate where we can't for now. We invite you as fellow ministries and believers to join us in this supportive goal. In Positiv, we present ministry efforts that are glowing examples of larger scale demonstrations of Love for the Lord and therefore honor His goals of saving lost souls and encouraging the saints. Positiv is a tool used to showcase organizations that are accomplishing the awesome works of the Lord. Rev. Dr. Pollard

What Are Our Fellow Christians Doing!!!

We Support Jentezen Franklin in his Dedication to Israel

FIAgm offers prayers and financial gifts to Pastor Franklin as he seeks to build a medical emergency center in the Upper Galilee region. Won't you consider joining with us as we support this effort.

Take this link to Jentezen Franklins' web site to donate.


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