Ministry Donations and Support


For I Am Global Ministries is a 501(c)(3) church that ministers the gospel based on donations from our supporters. FIAgm has a broad, diverse, and extensive range of goals and mandates designed to minister to the community of believers and non-believers, that all may be reminded of, and be assured of, God's goodness. Therefore, we really appreciate your contributions in support of our goals!

The PayPal Donation button can be used to provide a credit/debit card donation via Paypal (

The FIAgm Merchandise button is an alternate donation method that takes you to our Merchandise Store and thus allows patrons to donate based on church-based merchandise.

PayPal Donation

Donation QR Code

Scan this QR code with your cell phone camera and it will take you to FIAgm's Paypal account.

FIAgm Merchandise

You can also donate to the church by making a donation for our Merchandise (using this button-link).

Film Production Donation

FIAgm Produces Films with Christian Content (see our film page for more information). We ask that you consider giving generously to this expensive but worthwhile ministry department.

For I Am Global Ministries Donation Center


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