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how to forgive others
we all sin and fall short of the glory of god. however, this t4t provides insight on "how to forgive others" who have sinned against you. it can be done, and it frees us from anguish, hurt, and disappointment that accompanies victimization. it is a moral imperative that we learn to forgive the sins of others since the bible says that we will be forgiven only if we forgive others.
the worry-free zone
worrying is a waste when we serve, and are loved by, an all-powerful father. therefore, the rationale for living a confident, worry-free christian life is based on his promises. god's promises are reliable, sound, and make it possible to reduce or eliminate the constant worries of a typical human existence. even when times are hard, we stand-on and trust his promises and faithfulness.
perpetual favor
we seek to know more about god the father in understanding where we fit in his master plan of love for mankind, grace, goodness, and mercy. this t4t provides insight on seeking a higher relationship with god that is trust-based. we know that the father is interested in our faith and therefore our trust in his lordship over our lives, but is he interested in the "desires of our hearts"? (note that this is not a name-it and claim-it approach.)
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thoughts for today are biblical life instructions for encouragement and restoration

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